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Reinvigorating Our Community Spirit

Residents are right to worry about community safety, stagnant growth, and limited opportunities for families to flourish. The small town charm of Woodbine is really what's under threat. Worst of all, Woodbine is seeking an advocate in the State House and finding nothing.

Glenn Cook is running for Georgia House District 180 knows what it takes to solve these challenges. Whether through enhancing public safety, fostering economic development to bring local jobs, or investing in stronger educational foundations, his vision is what we need for a thriving community that values safety, growth, and opportunity for every generation.


  • Direct resources to community-based policing and neighborhood watch programs, ensuring a safer environment for all residents.

  • Promote local business development and attract new industries, creating job opportunities within Woodbine.

  • Invest in educational programs and recreational facilities, nurturing the potential of Woodbine's youth.

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