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Protecting Our Rural Identity

Rising crimes, students struggling in classrooms, and potential overdevelopment threaten our small rural part of Camden County. The nature of our community is threatened when we don't have an advocate in the State House we can rely on.

Glenn is running for Georgia HD180 and has a plan to make things better. He wants to make our neighborhoods safer by improving how we handle crime. He wants our kids to have all the opportunities in the world that come with a good education. Glenn Cook will keep our community safe, support our children's future, and making sure our part of Camden County stays a great place to live.


  • Direct resources to county law enforcement and enhance collaboration between law enforcement and residents to reduce crime.

  • Allocate increased funding for local schools, focusing on improving reading and math programs.

  • Empower locals to demand strict guidelines for land use, ensuring development projects align with the community's needs and values.

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