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Protecting a Vibrant St. Marys

St. Marys has a number challenges ahead. They include stagnant job growth, crumbling infrastructure, and limited local amenities. Left unsolved, these issues threaten the community's spirit and future.

Glenn Cook has a vision to help in the State House. He will fight to support economic growth through tax cuts and cutting red tape. He will bring dedicated resources to improve struggling infrastructure.

Glenn is a voice for us under the Gold Dome. He is here to listen to us. We need Glenn Cook in the State House to support St Marys.


  • Invest in our community's future by cutting taxes and burdensome red tape to fuel job creation and economic diversity.

  • Bring our taxes back home to upgrade roads, bridges, and drainage systems to enhance our quality of life.

  • Support local schools and invest in natural resources to preserve St Marys unique local character.

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