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Building a Better Onramp for Exit 29

Residents living around Exit 29 are grappling with a growing homeless population, rising crime rates, and economic struggles. Worse yet, leadership in the State House has been unresponsive. These struggles cast dark shadows over our cherished family and community values.

Glenn Cook steps forward as the beacon of hope, pledging to revitalize the district with a robust public safety plan, responsive and engaged leadership, and dedicated support for both the homeless and local businesses.

His proven track record of community service and activism promises not just to listen but to act, transforming the communities around Exit 29 into safer, more prosperous neighborhoods where families and businesses flourish together. Cook's commitment to turning challenges into opportunities ensures a brighter future for all residents.


  • Implement a comprehensive community policing program to significantly reduce crime rates, ensuring families enjoy peace and security in their daily lives.

  • Launch targeted support services for the homeless, including shelter, job training, and mental health resources, to rebuild lives and enhance community well-being.

  • Introduce tax incentives and grants for small businesses, stimulating economic growth and creating jobs in the community.

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