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In the heart of Camden County and Jekyll Island, where the blend of natural beauty and community spirit creates a unique tapestry, stands a leader dedicated to nurturing and protecting this exceptional district: Glenn Cook.

From the Skies to the Soil: A Journey of Service

Glenn’s journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to service, starting from the skies as a proud member of the U.S. Navy. Serving in the S-3 Viking aboard the U.S.S. Eisenhower during the Libyan and Lebanon crises, he displayed not only bravery but a deep sense of duty. Rising to the rank of LCDR, Glenn's military tenure was more than a career; it was a crucible that forged his core values of discipline, resilience, and sound decision-making.

While mastering the skies, Glenn never lost touch with the ground realities. Balancing his demanding flying duties, he earned a Master of Science in Administration, epitomizing his ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with grace and efficiency.

Champion of the Skies and Advocate for Veterans

Transitioning to a stellar 34-year career at Delta Air Lines, Glenn’s trajectory from a management role to a captain of the B-777 is a testament to his leadership and dedication. His tenure at Delta was not just about navigating the skies but about understanding the nuanced responsibilities tethered to each role.

As an officer of VFW Post 4092, Glenn continues to champion the cause of veterans. His involvement is not just a role but a continuation of his service, offering support and upliftment to those who served.

Guardian of District 180’s Treasures

In District 180, Glenn's passion for service finds new expression. As the elected Satilla River Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor and Assistant VP at the Georgia Association of Conservation Districts, he is the steward of our environmental treasures. His work spans the protection of farms, timberlands, and the preservation of our state’s ecological heritage.

But Glenn’s dedication to our community goes beyond environmental stewardship. His active roles in Rotary, The Environmental Resources Network (TERN), and the Jekyll Island Citizens Association (JICA) are a testament to his commitment to making our district safer and more prosperous.

A Vision Rooted in Local Values and Global Experience

Glenn’s vision for District 180 is clear – to represent with an open ear, bringing resources and attention to the unique communities that comprise our home. His Republican values resonate with our district's ethos: conservation and stewardship of the environment, local control of tax dollars, limited government, and unwavering support for veterans.

A Man for the People

Behind the accolades and titles, Glenn is a family man, a lawyer, and an avid outdoorsman. His life on Jekyll Island with his wife, Wendy, and the proud legacy continued by his son, a Marine Corps Captain, reflect his deep family values. His pursuit of a law degree while working as a pilot speaks to his commitment to justice and service.

Glenn’s engagement with the community through the Rotary Club, his leadership in various associations, and his personal hobbies, from triathlons to mountain climbing, paint the picture of a man who is not just a leader but a part of the fabric of our district.

Join Glenn Cook: For a Brighter Future in District 180

Stand with Glenn, a man whose life is a tapestry of service, leadership, and commitment. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a brighter future for District 180, where every voice is heard, every resource cherished, and every community uplifted.

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